Fan Fic 4 Flint seeks to unite the collective voices and power of the Supernatural Fandom to help the people of Flint in their fight for clean, safe drinking water. Three main factors motivated the creation of this project:

  • The Supernatural Fandom has shown their actions can change the world; if we stand together, we can provide solutions to problems facing our communities.
  • Flint, and the rest of our country, needs a committed network of passionate people willing to use their power to create the changes necessary. After three years without clean water, it is evident that there are not enough people to help with this important work in Flint.
  • Collectively, our voices bring more than just funds to Flint. It’s exciting to be a part of history, this may be the first play written and put on by fans of a television show in the effort to help a community in the middle of a crisis.


Our collective power and passion to leave the world a better place than we found it will allow members of our fandom to work with local community leaders to provide the numbers and support needed for powerful action and measurable results. We believe “ordinary” people, like us, are capable of achieving extraordinary results when given the proper encouragement and tools to succeed. It is important to note that Fan Fic 4 Flint will not endeavor to do any of this alone. We hope to work closely with representatives from Supernatural, established writers and artists, existing organizations, community leaders and business sponsors/partners in a collaborative full-scale effort. Our goal ultimately is to mobilize the Supernatural family to participate in some way and make it a community-wide collaboration.