Q: How will the fundraising happen?

A: There is a $10 entry fee for all contest participants. All fees collected will go
directly to meeting our goals for Flint (providing industrial strength filters, and
activist training to create lasting solutions for the Flint community).

Q: Are there any requirements for being part of a leadership team?

A: There are two requirements we are looking for:

  1. You must be committed to serving your community.
  2. Must be able to work on this collaborative project in your free time.

Q: Will I receive financial assistance with travel to Flint?

A: We will have micro grants available for leadership team members, certain
volunteer positions and contest winners. We will also work to cover lodging for
these individuals while in Flint. More information will be available regarding this
process by the end of 2017.

Q: Who is eligible to participate in the contests?

A: Both contests are open to U.S. Citizens age 18 and older.

Q: What will we do with your artwork and written submissions?

A: All rights to any work, written or visual, remains 100% the property of the
artist or writer. However, we maintain the right to publish, in part or in whole,
any work submitted for either contest. Published work may appear on, but not
limited to, our website, print or social media pages.